Quick Switcher: Speed Up Your Workflow

Introducing Quick Switcher, the fastest way to navigate ReadMe.

How does it work?

Press +K on Macs or Ctrl+K on Windows anywhere inside ReadMe to search for and jump directly to:

  • Pages (from Guides, API Reference, Custom Pages or Changelog posts)
  • Settings (any sidebar menu item in both Enterprise groups and regular projects)
  • Projects (other ReadMe projects that you have access to)

It can be cumbersome to find that one page, locate that specific setting, or get to that other project. With Quick Switcher, you can get to your destination in a couple of keystrokes!

Quick Switcher Button

It is also accessible by clicking the magnifying glass at the bottom of the sidebar.

We hope the Quick Switcher saves you time and becomes the new way you get around ReadMe. Try it out today and if you notice opportunities for improvement please post a feature request!

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