Combining API Metrics with API Error Docs

If you don't know about API Error docs, read our previous post: Introducing API Error Docs.

If you're using our API Metrics product, this knows about all of the types of error that your API may produce and will assign errors to logs that come in if they're of a given error type.

This gives you two things:

1. When you're on a single log, you'll see information about the error

2. When viewing the docs for a given error code, you'll see all logs of that error type directly in the docs

Try it out!

You can try this out yourself on our owl-themed Twitter clone:

You can login to the docs as the readmeblog user using this link.

We use JWT for our user login links, you can read more about this here:

Now you can either use the interactive API explorer, or the following curl command:

curl --user readmeblog: -X POST

If you refresh on the reference guide you'll see your log(s):

Now clicking on one of those, you'll see more metadata about that request (including the error code).

If you go to the static link for that error, you'll see your logs there as well:

We're really excited about the future of documentation and how making your docs more dynamic and custom will keep your users happy. We look forward to seeing how people begin to use this feature.

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