ReadMe Raises Series A Led by Accel

You can read more on TechCrunch or Accel's Blog.

Ten years ago, the way companies thought about APIs was very different. A developer would create an API, and another developer would use it. But over the past decade, there's been a shift as companies have started to realize how important their APIs are. Product management, design, sales, support, legal, and marketing are now involved in building and consuming APIs.

Developer Metrics turns API logs into a tailored support tool.

As the way people think about APIs changes, the tool we use for documenting and supporting them needs to as well. Documentation is the UI people interact with when they're interacting with an API. ReadMe brings the UI design we take for granted from websites—dynamic, tailored content, detailed analytics, ways to contact specific segments of users, and more—to the API.

Companies like Stripe and Twilio have proven you can build billion dollar companies by focusing on developer experience. ReadMe helps any company build world-class developer hubs that their customers will love. Our latest round of funding, a $9MM Series A announced today, will help us make that happen.

Launching Developer Metrics

We've always done our best to make our documentation tailored and personal, however there's always been something missing ... realtime API logs. This is why we've launched Developer Metrics, a way to stream API logs to us and customize your documentation and support based on them.

API creators can now see exactly who's using their API. While there are lots of tools that let you log API calls, we recognize that your users aren't just server logs—they're real people trying to solve real problems. Developer Metrics will allow API creators to better understand who's using their API and pinpoint problems before they do.

Developer Metrics means easy debugging and access to support for developers. When a developer is in a doc and recognizes an issue, they can browse logs and see exactly what the server sees. If something doesn't add up, they can open a support ticket with the questionable logs already attached.

The Funding

Over the past few years since our seed, we've grown steadily and profitably—working with over 3,000 companies to improve their developer experience. Recently we’ve grown very excited about how Developer Metrics could further our mission and decided it was time to raise a Series A round.

The lead investor for ReadMe's Series A is Accel. When I met Dan Levine, partner at Accel, I instantly knew we were excited in the same ways about the future of APIs. He had previously worked on Dropbox’s platform team and recognized the importance of building ecosystems where developers can thrive. Y Combinator also participated in the round.

The Future

Our mission at ReadMe is to help companies develop relationships. We can't wait to continue building tools to enable businesses to connect with their developers in new and increasingly personalized ways.

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