ReadMe in Review: January 2024

Happy Groundhog Day! While you’re waiting to find out if we have six more weeks of winter, why don’t you take a look at our news and updates from January? We’ve got new features, improvements, and even some events on the horizon. Read on to see what our team got up to last month, find out how to make the most of those updates, and where to catch us live (virtually and in person): 

More Nested Levels 🪺

Looking for more flexibility and options in how you structure your Guides and API Reference? We’ve got good news for you: we’ve introduced an additional level of nesting! That makes for a total of three levels of pages per category. Now, any parent page can have subpages and those subpages can have nested (second-level) subpages. You can read more here and see it for yourself by checking the Guides or API Reference sidebar in your dashboard. 

Webhooks 🪝

Another popular request has been support for OpenAPI webhooks, so we’re thrilled to announce that webhooks support is officially live in our API Reference! This means that now, if you sync an API definition with us that contains webhook definitions, ReadMe will render those definitions as pages that look like the API Reference pages you know and love (rather than ignoring your webhook definitions, which is what happened previously). Right now, we support OpenAPI through v3.1.0 — you can keep an eye on our evolving support for the OpenAPI Specification at our OpenAPI Compatibility Chart. And if you want to try it out, you can use this example webhooks definition

ReadMe Labs 🧪

Want to enable experimental features and be among the first ReadMe users to try them? We’ve added ReadMe Labs to the project dashboard, which lets you test experimental features, starting with GraphQL. You can find it under the “Admin” section of the “Configuration” settings panel — you might also notice that we’ve reorganized that sidebar to make it easier to find the settings you’re looking for. 

Reusable Content ♻️

We launched Reusable Content in December, and we’ve been thrilled with the feedback so far! We have, of course, continued to perfect it — updates this month included adding a link to manage Reusable Content from within the editor and adding support for renaming Reusable Content blocks. If you want to learn more about Reusable Content and how to set it up, head to the docs to get started. 

API Reference, Guides, and Docs 📚

We rolled out lots of updates across these three areas in January:

  • We’ve added improvements in how the API Reference handles null values in enums from your OpenAPI file
  • The API Reference response schema examples now expand by default instead of being nested in a modal (you can change this in your configuration, if you prefer the previous setting)
  • In your Docs, the deprecated banner now spans the full width of the page
  • We’ve refactored the mobile page navigation in Guides and Reference to support more interactions and additional levels of nesting
  • We’ve improved the consistency in navigation between the Guides and the Reference sections
  • In your Guides and API References, there’s now an automatic redirect after the slug is changed on nested pages

Other ReadMe changes and updates 🪄

  • All plans can now choose between setting Dark/Light/Auto as the default theme
  • Search results now include the contents of your HTML tables
  • Various improvements to table views in Developer Dashboard 
  • Our Slack integration now notifies you when an anonymous user makes suggested edits
  • Updated and improved sidebar performance in the Editor for users with a large amount of categories and/or pages

Meetups & events 🍻

If you’ll be going to Developer Week later this month, come say hi. Our CEO, Greg, will be discussing how to improve your DX (without having to overhaul your API) on Friday at 10 AM PST. Can’t make the event in person? That’s fine — you can also join for the virtual version on the 29th, also at 10AM PST. We hope to see you there!

Laura and Manna, making the most of photo booth props

In other event news, we had our company holiday party and it was, as usual, a blast, complete with a skating rink visit and a skiing-themed photo booth. We’re already looking forward to next year! 

That’s all for this round. If you want more details on the product updates and improvements, head to the ReadMe changelog to get the scoop and stay up to date as changes are announced. We’ll keep you posted on any upcoming events or other news, but in the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team. Stay warm, and enjoy your February!

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