ReadMe in Review: December 2023

Welcome to the first ReadMe in Review of 2024! We know how busy it is during the holidays, so we’ve collected all of our news and updates from last month in one spot for easier perusal. 

Of course, our biggest update from December was the Reusable Content release. If you want to read more about what’s included in that, you can head here. Ready to set it up? Our docs can help you get started

Other than that, let’s see what the team got up to last month: 

Owlbot AI 🤖

  • You can now customize how Owlbot responds to questions, including tweaking the tone, adjusting the length of responses, and setting a default response for times it doesn’t know an answer
  • You can also now prevent Owlbot from using specific words in its responses (for example, names of your competitors)
  • On Enterprise plans, we added API access to ask OwlBot AI questions programmatically, which means Owlbot can be embedded directly within a product or wherever else users might need easy access to documentation (learn more here)
  • We’ve also updated the AI model to give more detailed responses and account for larger prompts (via GPT-4 Turbo)

SEO improvements 🔍

  • We’ve added more granular control over SEO settings for documentation hubs, including disabling robots.txt on a per-project basis, adding a noindex tag to specific pages, and editing metadata keywords for pages 
  • When editing SEO metadata, you can now automatically generate a short description of the page with AI

Other changes and updates 🪄

  • We’ve created a new Slack group for ReadMe users to ask questions and share their experiences — join here! 
  • In Developer Dashboard, Try It requests will now populate with user emails if the user is logged in, without any extra configuration required
  • In the editor, callout headings are now H2 tags for better accessibility, and reordering pages is now faster and more reliable 
  • For SAML users, we’ve added an optional redirect URL upon logout

That’s all for this round! If you want more details on the product updates and improvements, head to the ReadMe changelog to get the scoop and stay up to date as these changes are announced. We’ll keep you posted on any upcoming events or other news, but in the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team. We hope your January is off to a great start! 🎉

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