Our New Public Product Roadmap

We are proud to announce the launch of our new public product roadmap! This roadmap shows you what we'll be up to for the next two quarters, and will be available at http://readme.io/roadmap. As always, we decide our next steps in collaboration with the many customers who put their faith in ReadMe as a standard of great documentation.

We're a small team and remain incredibly humbled that so many of you choose to trust us with this piece of your brand. We believe in the power of sharing through APIs and will continue to build the best tools to help you write and understand documentation.

While we're excited about the journey to perfect API docs, we know we're far from perfection. By sharing our plans for the future, we hope you can feel confident that building your docs on ReadMe will only continue to make your product stronger. We're excited to grow with you!

On the Roadmap page, anyone has the ability to opt-in to follow a feature's development. Next to each feature's name, just click the "Notify Me" button to be notified when the feature launches*. We release features first to beta testers, who will get a chance to try out new features and help shape their final development.

If you'd like to contribute to future feature decisions that aren't listed yet, you can request a feature, let us know in our community, or shoot an email to support@readme.io.

*You'll only get 1-2 emails (beta test + real launch)!

Stay In-Touch

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