Happy Owlloween

We're jumping back in with our October newsletter! Here are a few things we've been up to:

At ReadMe

We're sharing our favorite tools in a multi-part series.

We’ve just updated our ToS! They’ll go into effect on November 15, 2015. TL;DR: Your content is yours. We won’t use it without your permission and this will never change.

Greg will be speaking at API Strategy & Practice in Austin, TX. We’ll be keeping Austin weird from Nov. 14-20, let us know if you’ll be in town!

In the API World

Howard Ward gives us three ways to handle API versioning.

Sergio De Simone defines the Developer Experience. Hint: API UX = functionality + reliability + usability + pleasure.

Kin Lane on the benefits and risks of an open API standard.


We're feeling inspired by the beautiful documentation created by Dotmailer and OneLogin!

Feature Update

Redirects - No more dead links! Head to Appearance > Error Pages to set any redirects.

We’ll be sending out a monthly newsletter to keep you up to date with all things ReadMe! Questions? Let me know by sending an email to ashley@readme.io.

Have a hoot this Halloween!

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