Enterprise API Docs—What's the Difference?

When I started at ReadMe four years ago, we had two plans: our Startup ($99) and Business ($399) tiers. As the first sales, marketing, and growth hire, my goal was to get more people to use ReadMe (and of course grow revenue). We already had thousands of paying customers building out easy-to-consume API documentation in beautiful developer hubs. But, we weren’t doing the best job of catering to the specific needs of our customers, especially those with huge developer communities.

Within a few months, it became clear there was a lot of potential to build out an Enterprise version of ReadMe. I recognized a strong demand from a large segment of our current customers—in addition to those evaluating the platform—that a more secure, expandable version of the product would provide companies the ability to build a centralized, single source-of-truth for the ultimate developer experience.

These companies had teams of technical writers, engineers, and product managers, who collaborated to build out cohesive and branded developer hubs. Not only did these teams require a more intense version of our product and service, but they also had a different, more detailed buying process. These were organizations that wanted to pay via invoice instead of credit card, establish a contractual relationship, and review in-depth our security policies and procedures.

We got to work building out the product side, which initially consisted of single sign-on options, a dashboard to manage permissions and user rights across projects, global search, and navigation features on the front end. Although the product has come a long way since our first release, most features in the current enterprise product revolve around "scale management," the results of which have been incredibly successful.

So, if you're reading this and have a manager that may need to approve content changes, maybe you have dozens or even hundreds of users that write docs, your organization offers more than one API (maybe with different permissions), and heck, you may even be wondering how your company buys software, don't worry, we've got you covered! You're an enterprise customer. Email dave@readme.io and we'll set up a time to chat.

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